Welcome to Data Search

A little bit about us

Datasearch (Pty) Ltd is a culmination of more than 25 years of data collections, analysis and data cleaning which has resulted in the most extensive, accurate and user-friendly search tool in South Africa. The online search tool was initially built for the Retail and Financial Sector and is currently in use with a number of Blue Chip companies. After building a user specific tool for a specific forensic department in the Financial Sector, it was decided to enhance the tool and to roll it out to the Insurance Industry and also the smaller forensic users.

How big is big?

Datasearch carry in excess of 60 million consumer records, including where there have been confirmed deceased details. It stores approximately 60 terabytes of analytical and usable data. A comprehensive history is maintained on each individual and company. All data is time and date stamped. What is the difference? The Datasearch product is markedly better than any other trace and forensic product in the market for the following reasons:

  • Relationships between "individuals and other individuals" as well as "individuals and companies" are already built into a standard report
  • Search parameters include ID numbers, names, DOB, telephone numbers and addresses
  • Company search parameters include Company Name, Company Registration Number, Company income tax numbers and VAT numbers
  • Data is updated on a daily basis
  • All data is "cleaned and standardised" before being uploaded onto the main database